Data Collection

Data Collection

In today's digital age, data has become a valuable resource that powers numerous services and industries. Data collection is crucial in understanding customer behaviours, improving service offerings, and making informed business decisions. With a blend of gathering primary and secondary data, Kings Research will help you make smart and customer-focused business decisions.

Data collection is time-consuming, expensive, and can be messy as it always keeps changing. With a dedicated team of data collection experts and analysts, we at Kings Research gather quantitative, qualitative, and relevant information from diversified sources within a stipulated time frame.

As business strategies become increasingly customer-focused, no data is enough to support the targeted strategies that help you meet business objectives. Tailored, timely, and incisive customer intelligence data provides details of their preferences, needs, intent, and interest.

At Kings Research, we gather, measure, and analyze data from relevant and legitimate sources to provide answers to your market-related queries. Kings Research deploys methodologies such as survey programming, phone-based surveys, web-based surveys, Social media listening, Primary interviews, and online community surveys to collect primary data.

Survey Programming

Informed business decisions require extensive market research. This includes a better representation of the data acquired with the process of designing and implementing surveys using specialized software tools and programming languages. The process involves creating survey questionnaires, defining response options, customizing survey logic and flow, and configuring data collection parameters. Our survey programming practice helps in Designing Interactive Questionnaires, Implementing Skip Logic and Branching, along with Data validation and error checking through multi-channel survey distribution providing real-time data collection and reporting.

Phone Based Surveys

Kings Research data collection methods include phone-based surveys that enable us to uncover the latest trends and provide quicker responses, especially with a massive audience pool. Phone-based surveys are conducted using automated systems or by trained interviewers who interact with respondents in real time and capture vital information.

Web Based Surveys

Our researchers conduct web-based surveys with a dedicated objective in mind to enhance your product or service. We leverage omnichannel communication tools to gather data. Web surveys are a popular method of collecting data using web-based platforms. Respondents typically access and complete these surveys through web browsers on their computers, smartphones, or tablets.

Online Community Surveys

Kings Research conducts focused community surveys where respondents are carefully selected to participate in research activities specially designed for community surveys such as Demographic Surveys, Satisfaction Surveys, Needs Assessment Surveys, User Experience Surveys, and Market Research Surveys. Kings Research online community survey helps businesses merge the best of quantitative and qualitative solutions. As a result, we project a more accurate idea of what customers' expectations are.

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