Delivery Format

Once the payment process is finalized, the report will be sent to the client's email. If the report is On- Demand, it will be delivered in different formats including PDF, PPT, Excel, or Online Only format, as per the client's convenience option. In the case of a tailored report, it will be delivered within the agreed- upon timeframe by our representatives.

The customer will be liable for the delivery fees we decide upon if they opt to get hard copies of the report. The location of the client may affect the delivery charges. It is significant to note that Kings Research disclaims all liability for the condition of the report at the time of collecting and for any potential product damage. The decision to provide a replacement at no additional cost rests solely with the publisher.

We provide two types of reports called On-Demand and Customized. On-Demand reports follow our standard Table of Contents (TOC) format which generally includes data, statistics, and market insights. On the other hand, customized reports are tailored to meet specific client requirements. If you require a customized report, it is necessary to agree on the customized TOC before finalizing the payment. Once the customized TOC is approved, we will start working on the report as per your requirements.

It is important to note that once the Table of Contents (TOC) for the customized report is finalized, we will deliver the same within the agreed-upon timeframe. Though, if there are any additional requirements or changes requested from the client after the finalization of the TOC, they will be needed to pay an additional cost as per the specific requested changes or additions. It is necessary to communicate any additional requirements or changes before the finalization of the TOC in order to avoid incurring extra charges.

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