GDPR Policy

An information revolution is taking place in the data-driven world around us, where technologists are creating, collecting, and analyzing vast amounts of data about people, their locations, goods, or services. We urgently need to include key ideas and tenets in our already established data management rules.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has been implemented throughout the European Union as of May 25, 2018, in order to address the major issues.

The GDPR outlines the rights of the data subject, or the people whose personal information is being processed. Individuals now have greater control over their data because of these expanded rights, including

  • the requirement for express consent from a person before their data is processed
  • easier access to the data subject's personal information
  • the right to be forgotten, to be corrected, and to be erased
  • the ability to protest, especially when personal information is used for 'profiling'
  • the freedom to transfer data across service providers
  • In accordance with the rule, controllers—those in charge of data processing—must inform individuals about how their data is being processed clearly and understandably.

Our Promise to Compliance

Kings Research (we, us, or our) is dedicated to maintaining strict guidelines for data security, privacy, and transparency as well as to managing data in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, including but not limited to the GDPR. At Kings Research, we care about the success of our clients and recognize the need for a dependable and consistent approach to data protection. We have always been committed to protecting the user data that falls under our responsibility. To continue satisfying the requirements of the GDPR, we are aware that we must update and develop this program regularly.

Bracing for GDPR

Organizations in the European Union (EU), those that provide products and services to inhabitants of the EU, as well as those that collect and analyze data related to EU residents, are subject to new regulations as a result of the GDPR, regardless of where they are situated.

When preparing for GDPR, Kings Research concentrates on the following aspects:

  • Enhancing personal privacy rights with existing security and business continuity management policies, processes, and controls to assure compliance.
  • Conducting privacy and gap analyses to support its clients' GDPR compliance, including mandated breachnotification and severe fines for non-compliance
  • Greater responsibility for data protection, the creation of compliance procedures, and the construction of a more secure platform for the customers by taking ownership of their data and carefully examining the deployment alternatives.
  • Provision of services to assist clients in comprehending and getting prepared to comply with GDPR. We are updating all of our data contracts per the new GDPR.
  • The business is very aware of when this and other rights of data subjects apply, as well as any exceptions, response deadlines, and notification obligations
  • Educating the staff about the expanded data rights that the GDPR grants to individuals. Key changes, such as the removal of posting fees for responding to topic access requests, must be made clear to all employees, whether they work in sales or security.
  • Upgrading processes and safety precautions to secure, encrypt, and keep the data's integrity, particularly concerning third-party disclosures & international data transfers.
  • Processes for registering consent are being updated so that we can demonstrate an affirmative opt-in together with time and date records, and a simple method to revoke consent at any time.

More importantly, consumers must also modify their business procedures, data management techniques, and integrations because compliance is a shared obligation between the organization and its customers. The dedicated crew at Kings Research is committed to offering their clients the option to choose who gets access to what data in each domain or branch. This guarantees defense against unauthorized access or usage. We make sure that the only owner of the data is our customer by ensuring that they retain all ownership rights to the information saved on the system. The company takes the necessary steps to ensure that its clients can satisfy their GDPR requirements regarding the erasure, rectification, transfer, access, and objection to the processing of personal data by utilizing the built-in capabilities of the service.

Protecting Your Data Like Our Own

Kings Research is highly committed to ensuring the privacy and security of users' personal information, prioritizing their confidentiality and protection.

Our company takes every precaution and measure that is appropriate to safeguard and protect the personal data that we process. We have numerous layers of security protections in place as well as strong information security policies and processes to guard against the alteration, unauthorized access, disclosure, or destruction of personal data. Employee training, data encryption in storage and transit, password policies, one-time passwords, two-factor authentication systems, as well as various technical and organizational preventive, detection, and rectification procedures, constitute a few of the measures that make up this list of precautions.

How the GDPR Journey Starts

We've established a data privacy team that works to create and implement the roadmap for complying with the new data protection Regulation in order to maintain a uniform level of data protection and security across our organization. The team is in charge of raising awareness of the GDPR, assessing our enthusiasm for it, finding any shortcomings, and consistently adopting new rules, processes, and safeguards. Our employee training program, which is tailored to our main business operations and is implemented through our induction and yearly training program, now includes a GDPR training course as well.

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