Privacy Policy

At Kings Research, protecting the personal information of our clients is of utmost importance. As we continuously come up with new products, services, and technologies, we periodically update our policy statements to ensure comprehensive protection. We kindly request you to go through the Privacy Policy mentioned below. This policy highlights our strategic approach to collecting, using, disclosing, and transferring client information. It provides an overview of how we handle your data when you access, visit, or use our service. Please note that this Privacy Policy does not extend to information collected on external sites, applications, destinations, or services that are not owned or controlled by us.

Information Collection and Utilization

Kings Research actively engages in assessing the feasibility of new products or services by conducting research with consumers. This approach allows our customers to gain insights into the target market and receive feedback from consumers regarding their interest in that particular product. The company collects market data using a quantitative approach through research and surveys, which may vary due to changing market dynamics over time. However, it is crucial to note that we cannot be held responsible for any incorrect or misleading information provided by customers or manufacturers. When you sign up for our services, we ask for your personal details which include name, email address, and contact information. This information is temporarily saved with your permission aiming to enhance your experience on our website. Additionally, when you complete a transaction through our website, the required credentials are securely saved on servers and systems owned and operated by us.

Automated Collection of Information

As you explore Kings Research’s official website, certain information may be collected automatically which generally includes usage details, IP addresses, unique browser identifiers, and data collected through cookies, and web beacons, among other similar tracking technologies. We may also use these technologies to collect information about your online activities, including location data, traffic data, and logs, among others, both on our website and across third-party websites or online services. This information helps us to improve our website and provide a more personalized and enhanced service to our users.

Cookie Guidelines

A cookie is a text file that your web browser, with the permission of the user, stores on your device. It can analyze web traffic or alert you when you visit a particular site, among other things. In order to run the website, save visitor preferences, and keep track of session data, we use cookies on our end. These cookies aid in enhancing our sites' responsiveness to visitors beyond what you voluntarily share with us, a cookie does not give us access to any of your private computer files or other information. The dialogue box that appears when you visit a website gives you the choice of accepting or declining cookies. We can direct our users to new sections that could be of interest to them using the data collected by cookies. In addition, cookies help us modify the content of web pages according to the visitor's browser or other data they provide.

Adherence to Privacy Regulations

Kings Research is dedicated to upholding users' right to privacy. We follow all current laws and regulations and are aware of our responsibility to update and broaden our security precautions regularly to meet the demands of the recently implemented GDPR. When it comes to the gathering, storing, and dissemination of personal information (including sensitive personal information), we also maintain physical, electronic, and procedural measures.


The company commits to keeping the data provided on the website accurate and up to date. The accuracy of the website's content is not, however, supported by any warranty, guarantee, or claim made by it. When a customer uses the information on a website, the company is not liable for any losses or damages that are sustained by the customer as a result. Some links on the company website will direct you to websites owned and operated by third parties. The content available on the websites, however, is not its responsibility, and it has no administrative control over it. These links are simply provided for convenience and do not imply any endorsement of the information found there or any affiliation with their owners. Because of our security measures, we occasionally might need to see identification documentation before we can give you access to personal data.

Copyright Statement

The content displayed on the company's website is protected by copyright, with all rights reserved by Kings Research. The client is only allowed to print or download webpage excerpts for personal use. However, they are not allowed to use any content that has been kept on any medium, besides for re- viewing or personal usage. Only with the company's prior written consent may the service or publication be sold, disclosed, lent, or reproduced. Without prior written consent, it is strictly forbidden to transmit or reproduce any content from the website, whether it be through mechanical, electronic, photocopying, recording, or other methods.

Policy Updates

The company retains the right to add new and revised policy statements from time to time. Any updates will be published on the website; thus it is advised to frequently check the relevant page to stay updated on any changes to the policy.

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