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Top 10 Clinical Trial Services Vendors for Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Companies

Author : Camila | June 25, 2024

Clinical trial services vendors understand the unique and complex clinical data needs of pharmaceutical and biotechnology organizations to offer affordable data management services. Clinical trial management businesses handle highly complex clinical data sets in compliance with government regulations. These enterprises assist their clients to deliver the drugs to market quickly because of more data accessible.

According to a report by Kings Research, the global clinical trial services market is projected to reach $72.54 billion by 2030, expanding at a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 6.11% from 2023 to 2030.

With deep domain expertise in clinical trials and the latest technologies integrated, clinical trial management vendors assist clients in developing a resilient clinical program structure and make data-driven decisions more quickly. Clinical data management companies have experience in therapeutic areas, offering consulting services to enable their clients to meet all the drug development requirements. In this blog, let us have a look at the top 10 clinical trial services providers globally.

Top 10 Clinical Trial Services Vendors

The following are the best ten vendors that offer clinical trial management services that pharmaceutical and biotechnology organizations can consider:

1. Syneos Health Inc.

Syneos Health Inc. is a leader in clinical trial services. It offers a comprehensive range of services designed to assist pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device companies throughout their complete drug development process.

Following are the end-to-end clinical development services offered by Syneos Health Inc:

  • project management
  • clinical monitoring
  • regulatory consulting
  • data management
  • Biostatistics
  • Medical writing

These services assist companies in ensuring efficient and compliant execution of clinical trials throughout different phases and therapeutic areas. The company also provides decentralized clinical trials (DCTs) to improve the patient’s access and engagement. It has services that extend to real-world evidence (RWE) and late-phase clinical research that support post-marketing surveillance, long-term safety studies, and health economics outcomes research (HEOR). Syneos Health has innovative and patient-centric approaches in its clinical trial execution to bring new therapies to market more efficiently and effectively.

2. Charles River Laboratories International Inc.

Charles River Laboratories International, Inc. is a pioneer clinical development company. It has expertise in offering cost-effective execution of clinical trials. The company has a team of expert scientists who can assist clients in accelerating the front-load clinical timelines in the preclinical phase. Following are the clinical trial services it offers to various clients:

  • Laboratory Sciences
  • Clinical Pathology
  • Biologics Manufacturing
  • Biologics Testing Solutions
  • Specialty Toxicology

Charles River Laboratories International, Inc. has a broad portfolio of laboratory support services to develop and transfer methods efficiently and expeditiously to meet the requirements of its clients. The company has extensive laboratory support services that businesses can explore.

3. Medpace Holdings Inc.

Medpace Holdings is at the forefront of clinical trial management services. The company has deep expertise in the domain with a global reach and highly disciplined execution to ensure quality. Medpace clinical trial management has an innovative partnership philosophy and team structure to offer end-to-end collaboration, training, and resource planning to deliver excellence. It offers services as an extended collaboration and support at each stage of the drug development process. Medpace Holdings focuses on therapeutic-oriented services and partnering with clinical operations experts. It collaborates with medical, compliance, and patient recruitment experts to gain collective knowledge to provide a strategic approach for the clinical trial of the drug.

4. Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings

Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings (LabCorp) is a well-established clinical trial service provider that offers services through its subsidiary, Fortrea. Fortrea is an independent, publicly traded global contract research organization (CRO). It offers a comprehensive range of clinical trial services designed to improve drug development and patient outcomes.

The following are the key services provided by Fortrea:

  • Early Phase Development
  • Clinical Trial Testing
  • Decentralized Clinical Trials (DCTs)
  • Regulatory and Compliance Consulting
  • Data and AI Solutions
  • Biomarker and Molecular Testing
  • Mobile and Home Health Services

Fortrea has a unique patient-centric strategy and is focusing on establishing itself as a pioneer in the clinical research market. The company offers robust solutions to suffice the evolving needs of the biopharmaceutical and medical device industries.

5. Covance Inc.

Covance Inc. is a prominent clinical trial company with a strategic reliable roadmap to verify a drug. The company offers a wide range of services to deliver solutions and make advancements in the healthcare industry. It has decades of experience in the field that helps offer precision in clinical trial management.

Preclinical & clinical trials, post-marketing solutions, clinical trial laboratory services, and medical devices are a few of the services offered by Covance. The company has advanced proprietary data and technology integrated to enhance clinical study outcomes. Along with these services, the company provides courses for individuals who want to make their career in clinical research.

6. WuXi AppTec Co., Ltd.

WuXi AppTec offers a vast range of services in clinical development through its subsidiary, WuXi Clinical. It is a CRO that provides BE (Bioequivalence) and Phase I to Phase IV clinical development services. These services find applications in product development in the pharmaceuticals, biologics, and medical devices sectors.

WuXi Clinical has domain expertise that spreads across a majority of the therapeutic areas. The company has a perfect amalgamation of skilled professionals and a customer-centric and innovative approach to developing and marketing drugs and medical devices.

Following are the clinical trial services offered by WuXi Clinical:

  • Early Clinical
  • Clinical Operations
  • Biometrics
  • Medical Affairs
  • Regulatory Affairs
  • Quality System Management & Consulting
  • Clinical Research Coordinator (CRC) Services

7. IQVIA Holdings Inc.

IQVIA Holdings Inc. provides an all-inclusive suite of clinical trial services to simplify and improve clinical development processes. It delivers clinical development solutions that leverage quality data and analytics to minimize amendments and delays. Advanced technologies like AI are integrated to help optimize clinical processes by monitoring patient data in real time to streamline enrollment and reduce errors. The company has expertise in accelerating site selection, patient recruitment, and clinical monitoring to reduce risks.

IQVIA has a strategic approach that combines precise services with robust technological infrastructure to deliver life-changing therapies through efficient clinical trials to bring the drug to market more quickly.

8. PAREXEL International Corporation

PAREXEL International Corporation is an expert in clinical trial services that has more than a decade of experience in rare diseases and cell and gene therapy trials. The company has a cross-functional center of excellence for clinical trial management for rare diseases. PAREXEL has rare disease clinical trial sites across North America, South America, Europe, APAC, & Middle East & Africa. It adopts a patient-first approach, conducting patient surveys, social listening programs, and patient burden analysis to offer more in-depth relevant insights for trial design and execution.

9. ICON plc

ICON plc provides clinical trial services designed to assist pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device organizations in developing drugs and devices. The company has end-to-end clinical trial management services that help in selecting sites, recruiting patients, and monitoring clinical data. The company has certified analytics professional (CAP) accredited and clinical laboratory improvement amendments (CLIA) certified laboratories to manage the entire lifecycle of patient samples. These labs are capable of handling sample collection, testing, data management, and reporting. ICON integrates advanced automation and robotic process automation (RPA) technologies to manage electronic trial master files (eTMFs) to handle complaint documents accurately.

10. PPD Inc.

PPD is a clinical development company that provides operational excellence and superior delivery for clinical trials. The company offers PPD™ clinical research through the Thermo Fisher Scientific approach to execute each trial with operational excellence. It makes strategic collaborations with biopharmaceutical and biotech organizations, site professionals, lab providers, and compliance authorities to ensure the safety of the patient and accessibility throughout each research phase. PPD focuses on gathering quality data that drives promising results in clinical management trials.

Delivering Drugs Quickly and Efficiently with the Best Clinical Trial Services

Technology-driven clinical trial management services offer quicker patient recruitment and better retention. Additionally, these companies gather patient data effectively to enhance data access and improve patient and trial management. Various vendors help pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to manage their clinical trials effectively. This blog can serve as a guide for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies looking for the best clinical trial services in the global market.

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