CHATGPT- Is this the start of an AI takeover?

Author : Alisha | June 16, 2023

Since the arrival of artificial intelligence in the 1980s, the common fear gripping everyone worldwide has been the takeover by AI. Who knew we would be living in an era where AI is sentient? 

Maybe we are one step closer to confronting this fear, or maybe not. Let's take a look at what you should know about ChatGPT.

OpenAI’s new endeavor, ChatGPT, is grabbing the internet by storm and making headlines everywhere owing to its innovative dialogue format technology that enables users to interact in a conversational way. For something that doesn’t have a catchy name, ChatGPT has quite caught the world’s attention and is climbing its way to becoming the best language-processing AI model. All these lead us to the inevitable questions like, "When was ChatGPT launched?" Who built ChatGPT? Who owns OpenAI? "Is OpenAI open source?"

In this blog, we have covered everything you need to know about this viral sensation.

ChatGPT, the “WOW” Bot

To give you a real example, we asked ChatGPT to define itself.

ChatGPT is a large language model developed by OpenAI. It is trained on a massive dataset of text and is able to generate human-like text in response to a given prompt. It can be used for a variety of natural language processing tasks, such as language translation, question answering, and text summarization. It's also used as a chatbot, where the name comes from.

Unlike any other language model developed so far, like GPT-3 or BERT, ChatGPT stands out from the crowd, be it by providing accurate, well-written information or using transformer architecture to generate text.

It is specifically trained on conversational text, which means it is optimized for tasks such as dialogue generation and language understanding in the context of a conversation. This makes it well-suited for applications such as chatbots and virtual assistants. Additionally, compared to other language models, ChatGPT is trained on a larger dataset and has 20 billion parameters, which makes it capable of generating more human-like responses.

Sounds Interesting, Right? Know How to Use!

  • Launched on November 30, 2022, by OpenAI, a non-profit research organization from 2015, ChatGPT is increasingly gaining the momentum of being called the "smart chat platform."
  • If you are wondering how to use ChatGPT, don't worry; it is as easy as dialing your friend’s number.
  • You can type your query and hit search, and ChatGPT will provide you with an accurate, human-like answer, making you forget you are using an AI tool.

ChatGPT is specifically designed using the Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback (RLHF) method and supervised fine-tuning with human AI trainers continuing conversations on both sides as users and an AI assistant. The trainers were given access to AI-written suggestions to compose responses. These responses were mixed with the existing dataset of ChatGPT and InstructGPT to form a new dialogue format.

ChatGPT simplifies your search time and gives you answers to a wide range of questions. From writing dad jokes to solving complex coding problems or even writing an entire research paper, ChatGPT’s power resides in its quick pace and the ability to understand complex topics. By the time you finish reading this entire blog, ChatGPT can give you an alternative, well-written, thoughtful response to your query within seconds. 

Just like humans aren’t perfect, neither are human-made systems, including ChatGPT. The software can become overcrowded and confusing if your query is too complicated. It will not be able to answer your questions related to topics that occurred after 2021. Moreover, the software is prone to get confused and produce false information at times.

Despite these drawbacks, ChatGPT remains one of the most talked-about disruptive technologies, causing ripples with investors from all over the world.Co-Founded by Elon Musk, Paul Altman, and other Silicon Valley investors and made by the OpenAI research lab, ChatGPT mimics human-like conversation. Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, answered the question "Is OpenAI open source?" by releasing the software for free to get feedback from users and calibrate the software further.

The model has excelled in two areas: its comprehension of code and its capacity for compressing complex issues. A simple description of dark matter can be written by ChatGPT in a matter of seconds, as well as a whole website layout.

Are You Using this Viral Baby Correctly?

The more people use ChatGPT, the more they are aware of how this could revolutionize the world. From using it for simple personal use like writing a poem to running a multi-million-dollar business in copywriting, digital marketing, content creation, and so on, ChatGPT can be utilized to gain the advantage your business needs.

The senility compound of ChatGPT makes it attractive by providing sensitive information while keeping people’s feelings and thoughts in mind. Since the system is trained to cater to people, it can pick out stereotypes, bias, and internet slang, making you feel like you are talking to a person. Unlike its sibling software, InstructGPT and GPT-3, ChatGPT is able to provide you with information as if you asked a question to your best friend.

One example of a use case for ChatGPT is the development of a chatbot for customer service. The chatbot can be trained on a dataset of customer service conversations and then used to respond to customer inquiries through a website or mobile app.

Some of the advantages of ChatGPT and reasons why you should use it are given below:

  • Human-like responses: ChatGPT is trained on a dataset of conversational text, which means it is optimized for generating human-like responses to text-based prompts. This makes it well-suited for applications such as chatbots and virtual assistants, where the goal is to make the conversation as natural as possible.

  • Handling a wide range of inquiries: ChatGPT can be trained to handle a variety of inquiries and tasks. It can be integrated into simple tasks like customer service infrastructure and aid in handling a wide range of inquiries, from simple questions about product availability to more complex issues that require troubleshooting.

  • Handling Complex issues: ChatGPT can be used to generate human-like responses to customer inquiries which makes the conversation more natural and human-like, this can help to improve customer satisfaction and reduce the workload of human customer service representatives.

  • Language Translation: ChatGPT can be fine-tuned on a specific language pair dataset and can be used to translate text from one language to another with high accuracy.

  • Large-Scale Applications: ChatGPT is trained on a large dataset and has more parameters, which makes it capable of handling large scale applications such as language generation, summarization, text completion, and so on.

  • Cost-effective: ChatGPT can help reduce the cost of human labor by automating certain tasks, such as customer service inquiries and language translation.

Things You Should Be Aware of Before Using ChatGPT

Now that we know how ChatGPT could impact your life, let’s take a look at the disadvantages of ChatGPT.

Even though visionary investors like Elon Musk and Reid Hoffman co-founded this transforming technology, that doesn’t mean it's infallible. The limited knowledge of the software peaks first when you narrow down the disadvantages of ChatGPT. It isn’t aware of the world happenings and leaders who came into succession after 2021, making it unfit for queries that happened after 2021. It can also become overwhelmed and ignore certain parts if the query is too complicated or if it's too narrowly focused. Remember, this is bot software, making it prone to committing mistakes, misinterpreting queries, and giving incorrect answers to confusing questions.

For example, if you ask the model to write a story about two people while providing information about their jobs, names, ages, and places of residence, the model may mix up these details and assign them to the two characters at random. Given the fact that ChatGPT is still under development, the OpenAI team is continuously striving to fine-tune the software.

Is ChatGPT an Evil in Disguise?

With more movies coming out showing AI as the villains supporting every human’s fear, it is only inevitable to ask the ultimate question: Is ChatGPT an evil in disguise?

Matthew Sag, a law professor at Emory University, answered this question by explaining the difference between human-written content and the way language models do.

"There's an adage that says you can get Shakespeare eventually from an unlimited number of monkeys." quoted by Matthew.

Experts say that even if ChatGPT is able to crack complex concepts like quantum physics, coding, etc., a complete takeover by AI is not possible, at least not anytime soon.

ChatGPT is continuously evolving even as we speak, and as it is within the safe bracket, people can explore and use it in a positive light. It has the potential to lessen burdens, and contrary to the widespread popular belief that AI is going to take over someday, I think chatbots like ChatGPT are here to augment growth, not to supersede.

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