Is Authentication and Brand Protection the Shield Against Fraud that Keeps the Brand Strong?

Author : Priyanka | September 6, 2023

Are you worried about the security of your brand and the authenticity of your products? Authentication and brand protection can help you safeguard your brand reputation and prevent counterfeiting. With the rise of e-commerce and global trade, implementing effective authentication & brand protection strategies is more important than ever.

According to Kings Research, the global Authentication and Brand Protection Market is estimated to reach a valuation of USD 12.79 billion by 2030, progressing at a CAGR of 9.33% from 2023 to 2030. So, let us explore the importance of authentication and protection of your brand, and provide insights on how you can protect your brand from counterfeiters and fraudsters with trending technologies.

How Do Authentication and Brand Protection Keep the Brand Safe?

Confirming that products or services are authentic and secure against counterfeiting is known as authentication and brand protection. This process is accomplished by securing the legitimacy of the provider of goods or services, examining the quality of the products or services, confirming the authenticity of the brand, and ensuring that all patents, copyrights, and other forms of intellectual property are legally enforceable.

Brand protection technologies, governmental legislation, industry standards, or internal procedures can all accomplish this. To maintain the trust and loyalty of their customers, businesses must safeguard their brand. 

How to Stop Counterfeiters from Infringing the Brand?

Businesses are concentrating quickly on preserving the authenticity of their trademarks in response to growing worries about product counterfeit goods. Barcodes, RFID, holograms, tamper-evident sealants, and tapes are a few methods for authentication and brand protection utilized today. 

Let's proceed and gain a brief understanding of these technologies.

  • RFID

Radio-frequency identification (RFID) can assist in reducing the expenses associated with contaminated or counterfeit medicines by retrieving information and tracking pharmaceuticals or other commodities in the supply chain. 

  • Barcodes or QR codes

This technology has so far contributed to the largest market share in the anti-counterfeit packaging market and is anticipated to expand at the second-fastest rate over the forecast period.

This is because practically all sectors significantly favor it for brand protection. Businesses are optimistic about this technology because it makes it more difficult for counterfeiters to copy since data embossed on barcodes prevents the hidden data on code labels from being displayed.

  • Holograms and Smart Labels

These services are devised for specialized brand protection. These can be quickly integrated and used in a partner network and are designed at the product level. The interaction between the user and the product is digitalized, enabling real-time personalization and analysis of each product. This creates an IoT ecosystem that is most advantageous to partners and clients.

  • Modern Tamper-Proof Methods

The current packaging procedures can be strengthened when paired with hidden security features like infrared (IR) and ultraviolet (UV) pigments, microtext, and microscopic tagging. Supply chain tracking efforts to combat counterfeiting are strengthened further by incorporating the technology into pharmaceutical packaging.

Top 5 Anti-Counterfeiting Technological Trends Safeguarding Brand Authenticity

Here are technological trends that are enhancing authentication and brand protection:

  1. Smartphone-Ready Authentication

Today, smartphones have become an indivisible part of our everyday lives. Numerous companies are using smartphones in different ways. In a recent instance, in March 2023, Gerresheimer and TruTag introduced a smartphone-ready authentication solution. This solution utilizes invisible microparticles to identify and decode beauty products. 

This technology allows consumers or brand protection experts to scan and authenticate products using an app, revolutionizing consumer safety by eliminating the need for special detectors or sophisticated equipment.

  1. Nano-optics Holography

LiveOptik by Meta Materials Inc. is a patented technology that uses cutting-edge nano-optics one-tenth the size of conventional holography to provide advanced security features tailored to the customers' needs. 

In its authentication and brand protection solutions, LiveOptik offers multicolor, 3D depth, movement, and image switches, as well as security labels, threads, and stripes that are impossible to duplicate. The most advanced nano-fabrication techniques in the world are used to master LiveOptik images in a high-tech cleanroom setting.

  1. Data Centric Brand Protection

OpSec Group, a global leader in IP (intellectual property) and brand protection solutions, helps enterprises monetize, optimize, and protect their intangible assets’ value. They offer technology-enabled solutions, managed services, and products for IP and brand protection, partnering with 5,000 recognized brands, governments, and financial institutions.

OpSec's data-centric approach includes supply chain optimization, online brand protection, licensing management, and engagement marketing, positioning them as an enduring partner for many world-renowned brands.

  1. Warrant Strategy 

VerifyMe Inc.'s VRMEW, a technology solutions provider specializing in authentication and brand protection, offers investors an opportunity to purchase shares at a predetermined price before the expiry date. This strategic move raises capital for the company and attracts investors interested in the tech industry. 

Investing in VRMEW can be a great opportunity for potential investors, as it represents a new trend in the tech industry's financing strategies. The success of VRMEW could positively impact the industry as a whole. By issuing warrants, other tech companies may follow suit, creating new opportunities for investors to support the growth and development of innovative technologies.

  1. Unique Product Labeling

Honeywell has introduced a specialty label for Genetron 134a refrigerant, enabling secure authentication in automotive, commercial, and industrial air conditioning and refrigeration applications.

The label features a unique OPV signature, tamper-evident covert taggant, QR barcode, and tracking serial number, enabling digital verification, tracking, and monitoring throughout the supply chain. Consumers can also enter the tracking code online for data validation.

In a nutshell

Authentication and brand protection are crucial in today's global marketplace to safeguard your brand's reputation and protect against counterfeiting. By implementing effective strategies, such as anti-counterfeiting technologies, supply chain management, and legal enforcement, you can ensure the authenticity of your products and maintain consumer trust. 

With trending technologies, you can prevent counterfeiters from damaging your brand reputation and revenue. Take action today to protect your brand and secure your business's future.

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