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Global Strategy Consulting Market Size to grow by US$ 78.74 Billion in 2030

The strategy consulting market is projected to grow USD 78.74 Billion in 2030, at a CAGR of 7.9%.

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The concept of strategic advisory or boardroom consulting can be used to understand the strategic consulting market. The vast majority of consultants choose to work with a high-end and prestigious consulting firm that offers services related to the specific industry. Additionally, these services are sought after by institutions and organizations in the public sector along with the implementation of a solid economic strategy. The market participants in the public and private sectors are prefer these tactics over the predicted period of 2021–2027 in order to reduce losses and boost profits following the COVID 19 scenario.

Several factors supporting the growth of the market are businesses expansion, overcoming cyber security challenges, rising business digital transformation among enterprises across various industry verticals. Additionally, it is anticipated that some of the key restraints on the expansion of the strategy consulting market would include the expanding number of independent or freelancing consultants and organizational in-house consulting divisions.

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The market will experience growth throughout the projected period due to the rapid emergence of new business models compared to old firm structures, as well as rising expertise across all industry sectors. Digital and business model disruption across numerous industries are also the major factors driving the market. The market will expand more quickly due to the danger posed by the rise in risk and uncertainty. Additionally, increased demand for strategy consultants as a result of increased operational efficiency, regulatory compliance, and technology developments will fuel market expansion for strategy consulting throughout the course of the projection period.

The strategy & operations is expected to dominate the market share of strategy consulting market owing to the strategy and operations service can perform particularly well since it combines traditional and digital strategies to cut operational costs and boost productivity. Focusing on productivity and managerial development may be advantageous for the market growth. The IT & telecommunication is expected to dominate the market share of strategy consulting market owing to the battle for customers and convergence of mobile and fixed services can induce the demand for consulting services.

North America is dominating the market share of global strategy consulting market owing to the increasing growth in cybersecurity legislation and demand for advisory firms. Respect for client privacy and adherence to digital rules can help the local market grow. The market will benefit from the emergence of new enterprises and from the acceptance of alternative delivery models to meet customer expectations.

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Key Developments:

October 2021- EY-Parthenon acquired CMA Strategy Consulting to strengthen its offerings and elevating their opportunities by expanding digital infrastructure across technology, media and telecom (TMT) industry.

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