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Global Pultrusion Market Size to grow by US$ 14.56 Billion in 2030

The pultrusion market is projected to grow USD 14.56 Billion in 2030, at a CAGR of 5.1%.

Pultrusion Market

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Pultrusion is an automated closed-moulding process for producing items with consistent cross sections on a big scale and profitably. The procedure produces excellent composite structural materials because of the resin dispersion, cross-sectional homogeneity, fibre distribution, and alignment. Polymer matrix and fibres are used in the pultrusion process to create structural composite products. The primary factors influencing demand for pultruded composites are their high strength, strong chemical resistance, non-magnetic nature, minimal thermal expansion, and low maintenance requirements. The product market size will increase due to the wide range of applications available across many industry verticals, including civil engineering, the housing industry, and automotive.

Demand for pultrusion products in the industrial segment will be driven by rising demand for high strength structural composites in offshore oil drilling projects, cooling towers, and civil engineering. Designers of building projects benefit from the qualities of pultruded products, which include corrosion resistance, high strength-to-weight ratios, heat resistance, dielectric properties, and dimensional stability. The two pultrusion products that are utilised the most frequently globally are glass fibre and carbon fibre. FRP are more adaptable and affordable than conventional materials like steel, aluminium, and wood.

Space-saving and incredibly portable production solutions are meeting compact pultrusion machines in the manufacturing industry. Technology leaders are stepping up their R&D efforts to make pultrusion more affordable for composite makers. In order to create cutting-edge pultruded composites profiles, these initiatives are resulting in more adaptable and quickly deployed production capabilities. As a result, new machines are being incorporated into current production settings without the need to construct special production halls.

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The market is anticipated to expand as a result of rising demand for lightweight materials and a significant rise in the need for durable products for severe environments. Additionally, improvements in pultrusion technology to maximise output and efficiency will accelerate market expansion.

Since concrete, steel, and aluminium block the electromagnetic waves that cause wireless signals to be distorted, fibreglass is receiving a lot of attention in the field of wireless communications. In order to enhance the supply of fibreglass, producers in the pultrusion sector are raising their production capabilities. To get around the drawbacks of traditional materials, Tencom Limited, an Ohio-based provider of customised fibreglass pultruded solutions, is becoming increasingly effective.

The Pultrusion technology is advancing at a rapid rate and driving the growth for the global market as a result of manufacturers spending more money on research and development to create innovative technologies for a variety of applications in the construction, aerospace, electrical power, and automotive industries. Some of the main drivers of demand for the pultrusion market include the rising need for strong, lightweight materials for corrosive environments. With the rapid urbanisation and economic expansion in emerging developing nations, along with the technique' exceptional mechanical and physical qualities, demand for pultrusion is rising and expanding favourably. A polymer matrix and fibres are used in the pultrusion process to create the structural composite.

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Key Developments:

April 2022- Kineco Kaman has successfully completed its first commercial delivery of Composite Equipment Bay Shroud (EBS) Assembly to Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre (VSSC), a division of Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO).

October 2021- Kineco Group has signed an agreement to establish a joint venture to develop the Indian pultrusion market together with Exel Composites to form Kineco Exel Composites India.

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