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Global IT Services Market Size to grow by US$ 2854.76 Bn in 2030.

The global IT services market was valued at USD 1,114.22 Bn in 2021. The market is projected to grow USD 2854.76 Bn in 2030, at a CAGR of 4.5%.

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Businesses prefer on-premise deployment because it gives them better control over their IT infrastructure and gives them the flexibility to change it as needed. Data protection, which prevents sensitive information from leaving the company's premises and from potential fraud and data loss, is the main driver behind on-premise adoption for businesses. Less reliance on the internet means that staff will still be able to access data in the event of a network issue, which is another consideration that pushes businesses to adopt on-premise software. It is anticipated that these advantages would increase demand for on-premise deployment.

Technology firms depend on the intelligent application of data analytics, which is possible with the aid of expert IT services. Additionally, because technology is always changing, many technology organizations, especially those working to establish Technology as a Service (TaaS), choose to use IT professional services to support their company operations. With several technical changes in work culture, such as working remotely and maintaining the organization's IT infrastructure, the COVID-19 pandemic also sparked the demand for digital transformation, which is fueling the expansion of the IT professional services market.

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Over the past few years, cloud computing has advanced significantly. While cloud solutions have many benefits, they also expose hosted data to considerable threats, including identity theft and privacy concerns. When embracing cloud computing, businesses should think about putting in place IT services that can examine all network connections, apps, and executions. IT services have improved for the business by becoming more data-driven and real-time as a result of developments in IT operations throughout the cloud-based platform, particularly in the areas of operational efficiency, business opportunity identification, and remote access optimization.

Organizations are being compelled to work with expert service providers by growing competition and digitalization. These service providers are largely concerned with assisting businesses in increasing their operational effectiveness by addressing problems with subpar service infrastructure and unsuitable manpower. The organization's administrative processes are approached in a standardized and streamlined manner by the IT professional service providers, which aids in the digital transformation of the organization's operations. Businesses might divide the use of professional services into two categories depending on their strategy.

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September 2021- Hewlett Packard Enterprise acquired Zerto to manage and protect the data from edge to cloud.

January 2021- IBM Corporation has collaborated with Atos to enable companies accelerate their digital transformation and enhance business processes.

June 2020- Netmagic has announced the partnership with VMware to launch SimpliInsight Services powered by VMware CloudHealth service in India.

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