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Global Emollient Esters Market Size to grow USD 607.31 million by 2028

The Global Emollient Esters Market Size is projected to grow from USD 421.15 million in 2020 to USD 607.31 million by 2028 at a CAGR of 5.3% during the forecast period.

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Emollient esters are chemical compounds utilized in cosmetic product compositions. Emollients act as a barrier to the skin's natural moisture loss, stopping water from evaporating from the epidermis' outer layer. This barrier aids in the improvement of skin smoothness. Emollient esters are created when fatty alcohol reacts with carboxylic acids. Silicones, ethers, fatty alcohols, fatty acids, and hydrocarbons are examples of other emollients. Emollient esters are widely used in the personal care industry because they improve the sensory experience when applying cosmetics. It has multi-functional qualities, such as high skin spreadability, solubilizes organic sun filters, and acts as a dispersion for inorganic sun filters. Emollient esters have a number of advantages such as the skin a shiny appearance, improving the elasticity of the skin, conditioning the hair, and preventing skin moisture loss, due to these several benefits the emollient esters market grow rapidly during the forecast period.

Cosmetics sales were dismal throughout much of 2020 as a result of the current coronavirus outbreak, as well as extensive store closures.

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Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, almost every industry has registered a lower market growth. This can be attributed to significant supply-chain disruptions as a result of various restrictions imposed by governing authorities around the globe on emollient ester manufacturers, manufacturers of emollient esters for skincare products, and disruptions in supply-chain operations. Furthermore, consumer demand has decreased as people are now focusing on removing non-essential expenses from their budgets since the general economic situation of the majority has been adversely impacted by the outbreak.

Growing Awareness About Benefits of Natural Products Fuel Market Growth

Consumers prefer natural emollients ingredients due to the growing awareness of chemical-free ingredients in personal care products and the development of natural products by major companies in the industry. Moreover, throughout the projection period, internet distribution channels and e-commerce are expected to expand the distribution of personal care goods. Furthermore, new product advancements and increased investments in green emollient research and development are projected to drive market growth.

Increasing Usage in Various End-Use Industries Propelling Market Growth

Emollient esters provide a variety of long-lasting qualities to personal care formulations, as well as assist in the resolution of difficult problems encountered during the creation of cosmetics. In the personal care business, hair-care and skin-care products are in high demand, which is expected to fuel market expansion. The fast growth of the personal care industry is due to factors such as an aging population and an increase in the usage of cosmetic items among the younger generation. Many suppliers and chemical producers are working hard to meet the high demand for emollient components in mouth care, hair, and skincare, among other applications. The men's grooming market is also experiencing strong expansion, which has a significant impact on the worldwide emollient ester industry. Expansion of bio-based and natural beauty and personal care products will encourage the emollient esters market during the forecast period.

Europe is the largest market for emollient ester due to the shift in consumer preferences for sun care products, anti-blemish creams, anti-aging, and lotions. due to all the aforementioned factors, the region is expected to gain the biggest revenue in 2020 and is expected to rise significantly during the forecast period.

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North America and Asia-Pacific, on the other hand, grew at a substantial rate throughout the projection period, owing to changing lifestyles, increased awareness of personal cleanliness, and increased purchases of cosmetics and personal care products.


In 2019, BASF SE and Biomillenia, a French firm, announced an agreement. Using Biomillenia's unique microbiome-on-a-chip technology, the collaboration will assist BASF in delivering novel skin care components.

In 2019, Clariant AG partnered with Elevance, a leader in natural metathesis. The partnership intends to provide green emollient components for the personal care sector.

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