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Global Cow Comfort Brush Market Size to grow USD 927.6 mn by 2028

The Global Cow Comfort Brush Market Size is projected to grow from USD 644.7 million in 2020 to USD 927.6 million by 2028 at a CAGR of 5.2% during the forecast period.

Global Cow Comfort Brush Market Size to grow USD 927.6 mn by 2028

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A happy, healthier cow implies a more productive cow for a dairy farmer. The purpose of this brush is to groom and stimulate the cow. It is operated by a cow and delivers 360° of comfort. Cows love it so much that they come back several times a day. The brush is simple to set up and activates when a cow presses against it. It has been shown to improve the overall health of cows as well as dramatically increase milk production. The final effect is cleaner, happier, and more productive cows, resulting in a more profitable dairy farm.

The market is primarily driven by rising government initiatives for cattle healthcare. The use of comfort brushes to provide optimal cow care while also increasing output and profitability is boosting market demand. In addition, rising global demand for higher-quality milk is boosting market growth once again. Furthermore, increased investment in cow care and cleanliness, as well as a developing animal husbandry sector, are expected to boost market demand during the forecasted period.

Global Cow Comfort Brush Market Size to grow USD 927.6 mn by 2028

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During the COVID-19 epidemic, almost every business in the world suffered a setback. As a result of precautionary limitations imposed by governments around the world, severe interruptions in the cow comfort brush manufacturing operations have occurred. Furthermore, most consumer demand has fallen as a result of the outbreak's negative impact on the general economy, as people are more serious about cutting non-essential costs from their budgets. Over the forecast period, the aforementioned variables are expected to have an impact on the global Cow Comfort Brush Market revenue trajectory. The global Cow Comfort Brush Market is expected to rebound as individual regulatory authorities begin to relax these enforced lockdowns.

Rising Investment for Cattle Care and Hygiene Is Upsurge Market Demand

According to recent scientific studies, cows are as motivated to have a brush as they are to get more food, demonstrating a great demand for these benefits. Cows can relieve these requirements, reduce stress, increase hygiene, and live in a more enriched environment if they have access to an automatic rotating cow brush like the BlissBrush. Farmers are continuously looking for ways to improve their animals' health, care, and overall wellbeing, and they see benefits in providing cow comfort, boosting hygiene, and increasing productivity. Cows with access to brushes produce more milk, according to research.

North America is the largest market for cow comfort brush due to the increased awareness about the cow healthcare and welfare. The increasing adoption of advanced technologies in this region, as well as the presence of significant players, is expected to provide ample potential opportunity for the market growth.

Global Cow Comfort Brush Market Size

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Europe is expected to be the second-largest market for cow comfort brush due to the raising healthcare awareness among people for cattle, as well as improved productivity. Furthermore, rising government regulations for cow healthcare and increased investment in cattle care and cleanliness are expected to fuel market growth in this region.


In September 2019 - GEA announced the launch of the GEA DairyBarn B3130, a revolutionary modular cubicle for dairy cows that improves comfort and maximises milk yield. It enables animals to sit and stand up with ease while maintaining maximum safety.

In October 2018 - FutureCow announced the launch of the Stationary ComfortBrush a novel, non-motorized technique to improve cow comfort. It relieves stress, exfoliates the skin, reduces flies and other parasites, and makes the environment more pleasant for cows and calves of all ages.

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